Sadabad Campus

Sadabad Campus

Sadabad Campus was established on 13th of October 2014 and it is the first organic campus of our country. Environmental Conscience and sustainability dimensions were taken into consideration in all stages from design to construction and to material selection processes. Except from Health Programs, there are undergraduate and associate degree programs at Sadabad Campus.

Sadabad Campus was built on 26,000 m2 area and it has 6,613 m2 of closed area. There are administrative and academic offices, a modern conference room, e-library, cafeterias for staff and students and open areas for social activities. In addition to these, there are 4 ateliers for health programs, 2 ateliers for Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, 2 ateliers for Faculty of Art and Design, TV & Radio studios and Gastroditorium for the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.

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