Academic Calendar of 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring and Summer Term for Associate And Under Graduate Degrees

Academic Calendar of 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring and Summer Term for Associate And Under Graduate Degrees

In the light of YÖK's Declaration Regarding the Return to Academic Calendar at Universities as of June 15, 2020, all exams (make up, end of the semester (final), completion, etc.) and the principles and calendars of summer education are arranged as follows.


15 May- 21 May 2020 1. Midterm make-up exams
22 May 2020 Last day for entering the midterm excuse exam grades into the system
1-10 June 2020 Final Exams
12 June 2020 Last day for entering the final exam grades into the system
14 June 2020 Announcement of final exam grades
17 June 2020 Application deadline to object final exam grades
18-23 June 2020 Make-up exams
25 June 2020 Announcement of make-up exams
26-29 June Application to object make-up exam grades
29 June 2020 Last day for single course exam application
30 June Single course exam
18 June- 6 July 2020 Registration for Summer Schoo
6 July- 28 August Summer Semester ( Summer school for associate and under-graduate degree students.Summer school exams will be held in the last week of the summer school and there will be no make-up exams).
29 August Deadline to enter the summer school grades into the system
        It has been decided;


  1. Midterm make-up exams, formerly planned to be held at campus when the formal education would start, will be held between 15-21 May from online virtual campus as online exams.
  2. All midterm exams of lessons that are taught via distant education will be prepared student based (Project, homework, presentation, essay, quiz etc.) as defined in Exam Regulation of two year degrees and bachelor depress and will be assignments that can be evaluated through online platforms. At least 2 of these assignments will be used for evaluation and the average score will be announced on the 20 May the latest as II. Midterms. There will be no make-up exams to II. Midterms as they are already student based and they will be announced on OBIS on the 22 May 2020.
  3. DAll the “applied” courses which were previously announced to be taught in the “condensed academic term” and weren’t taught through virtual campus were decided to be taught through distance education on virtual campus,
  4. Final Exams of the Spring Term courses taught via virtual campus has been planned to be held June 1-10, 2020 and make up exams will be held 18-23 June 2020 in virtual campus through distance education platform.
  5. Our students wishing to use school computer laboratories for the online exams can benefit from the computer laboratories where the required hygiene and health conditions are provided for them. Students who want to benefit from the computer laboratories are required to inform their arrival time to the campus by sending an e-mail to [email protected] -at least one day before the exam date, as required by the social distance rule.