What is Minor Program? Is there Minor Program in Nisantasi University?

Minor is the program that lets students who registered to a major program choose one more degree in order to increase knowledge. You can apply for Minor Program if you are accepted to Nisantasi University’s faculties.

When can I apply for Minor Program?

You can apply on the 3rd semester the earliest, beginning of the 6th semester the latest.

What are the terms of applications for Minor Program?

To have minimum 2.50 GPA over 4 and to have been completed all the courses you take successfully. Also in order to apply for Minor Program you mustn’t have any disciplinary penalty.

What are the conditions for resuming Minor Program?

To have minimum 2.30 GPA over 4. If you don’t fulfill this condition, your Minor Program registration will be deleted.

What is the least amount of credits I can take during Minor Program?

Minor Program consists of at least 16 credits.

Can a student who completed Minor Program have diploma for the program?

A success certificate related to their field (double minor program certificate) is given to the students who completed Minor Program.

How can I follow the applications dates for Minor Program?

You can apply to the related dean with the required documents between the dates mentioned on the academic calendar. Results will be announced by Register’s Office and university’s website.