The business life of the future will be shaped by Digital Edu 5.0. In our Digital Edu 5.0 approach, it is important to learn the future professions by experiencing them in the field. Cooperation of universities with the sector is evaluated within this framework. Students who participate in R&D and produce projects in the incubation center work in an advantageous position in the sector. Another aspect of the business life of the future is that individuals with many qualifications will take place in the field. In this case, having a single profession will be insufficient in the global competitive environment. Therefore, the importance of interdisciplinary education, double major diplomas, minor programs, and lifelong learning to adapt to a constantly changing world will increase. The educational philosophy of our university aims to raise students with this perspective and supports the student's expertise in different fields, gaining industry experience in education life. At NishNova, our students dream, design and develop business models. With Career Center, it has the priority employment opportunity in the most prestigious institutions of the business world. We do not see our students as a whole, but as individuals with different needs and different learning motivations. There are no more students who listen to what the lecturers tell and take notes. In education, students are not only tested by exams. They hold the key to success with the applications brought by the modern technology of the virtual campus; they succeed by realizing their own projects.

DIGITAL EDU 5.0 Presentation File & NeoLife Magazine

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