The “1 Move Saves 1 Life” Project Implemented in Nişantaşı University

Nişantaşı University hosted 1 Move Saves 1 Life, a social responsibility project that aims to prevent violence against women, on September 2nd for the first time. The project was initiated by Hakan Demiray, World and Europe Bronze Medalist and Turkey’s Champion in kickboxing for three times, who has spent long years performing martial arts such as Karate and Aikido, and famous sociologist Başak Temel.

The “1 Move Saves 1 Life” project was promoted as a social initiative that teaches preventive and basic defense techniques in order to contribute to reducing violence. National Athlete and Social Entrepreneur Hakan Demiray’s “Defense and Strength Control Techniques” and sociologist Başak Temel’s “Dealing with Invisible Violence Traps” workshops were conducted during the project implemented for the first time in our university. The project emphasized the importance of having permanent solutions to violence against women, and gave the message “we can be stronger by learning certain important information and techniques”. Also, women received basic theoretical and practical information on how to defend themselves in case of a sudden situation in line with the project’s goal. In addition, our female guests who participated in the project learned practical techniques in the workshop.

Below were the headlines of the workshop;

As architects of the project, Hakan Demiray and Başak Temel said the following about the “1 Move Saves 1 Life” social initiative:

“We have been watching and reading about violence against women in the press. This is a sad and worrying situation for our country because one woman is killed each day in our country. 1964 women have lost their lives due to violence since 2010. Not because of traffic accidents or any other cause... Because of violence... Looking at a map of Turkey, we can see violence against women in every province. The main provinces are İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Adana, Konya, and etc. In this context, we met with famous sociologist Başak Temel, and tried to find out how our expertise can contribute to the society after Emine Bulut was tragically murdered. Başak Temel, who has served as manager and consultant in many international projects and I, a National Athlete and World and Europe bronze medalist in kickboxing who was trained in “self-defense and protection” for long years, started a social initiative called “1 Move Saves 1 Life.” This initiative teaches about basic defense techniques for sudden situations and invisible violence traps within our family to women and the other side of strength and coping with anger in sudden situations to men. The video we shot for this has created a big impact on social media since its publishing, and many people who do or don’t know us have shared our message. Opinion leaders, social media influencers, businessmen and businesswomen, celebrities, and many more... We would like to thank them from here. We were ecstatic when our beloved and valuable friend Lecturer Umut Başoğlu and Lecturer Deniz Kıyak commented on our post saying that Nişantaşı University could support our social responsibility project, and we realized how valuable this social initiative was. We completed our seminar and practical workshop, hosted by Nişantaşı University,  on defense basic techniques for the purpose of empowering women’s right to defend themselves and coping with anger situations for men yesterday (Monday, September 2nd). We would like to thank Nişantaşı University and its valued employees that provided full support, and Umut Başaoğlu, Deniz Kıyak, and Özer Eyüp who have been with us throughout this period for their support. We continue our efforts towards bringing our social responsibility project 1 Move Saves 1 Life to all corners of Turkey. Best Wishes.”

Release date: 03.09.2019