Mr. Yücetaş ranks among the top 500 among 13 thousand people

The project which Muhammed Yücetaş, third year student at New Media Department, Nişantaşı University, prepared in scope of Sustainable Development Goals has ranked among the top 500 among 13.000 thousand people in the competition held in scope of Competent Youth Education Program (YETGEN) of Mehmet Zorlu Foundation.

In case Yücetaş’s project which aims to support the growth of qualified human resources which are a significant need for the labour world with the trainings that will help students start their careers with 21st century competencies is approved in the program, it will both provide the opportunity for internship and find an investor.

Yücetaş, making necessary explanations regarding this topic, said, “We have discovered that there is 1 million ton of textile waste in Turkey as a result of our study. Even though there is so much textile waste, textile recycling factories import them because they cannot find sufficient amount of waste. We have developed a project considering we have textile waste and how it can be delivered to the places which are in need of them for efficient usage. It contributes to both social responsibility, social improvement and the country’s economy. It is a project developed in scope of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN). These targets are focusing on 17 goals which make contributions to each other. When a project to combat against the problems with these targets is developed, it means we have already been combatting on behalf of these 17 goals. For that reason, this project has both contributed to Turkey and the world. It is a study showing that a waste is not “a waste”, but has a material value and it must be well-evaluated”.

Release date: 11.03.2020