18 March Canakkale Victory And Martyr’s Day

Some of the lands try to create history, and in some countries, their history creates the land. Çanakkale is one of them. In Akif's words, “Gömelim seni tarihe gel desem, sığmazsın”. The victory of the will and the faith of the struggle for independence that will start from Anatolia is the victory of Çanakkale. On March 18th, Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs Memorial Day was attained by Nişantaşı University Faculty of Art and Design Text Weaving Workshop with the title of Necid Deserts Çanakkale 'Promised Victory'. The directing of commemoration program carried out by Ziyad Guliyev at which Prof.Dr. Yavuz Demir’s ‘Necid Çöllerinden Çanakale’ye –Savaşa Söz Düşer’ speech took place on the grounds for  interpreting it not only from history perspective and read it from its language, but also from understanding stories of people within the opportunities and possibilities of art, and the speech was completed by Çanakkale folk song accompanied by piano by Lecturer Sarper Kaynak and Mert Çodur from Music Department.

Release date: 22.03.2019