We will show that we are the most suitable candidate for the 2024 European Championship

While speaking at the Sportup Conference held for the second time this year, Deputy General Manager of Sports General Directorate Dr. Veli Ozan Cakir, he told related to the candidacy process of Turkey's to 2024 European Football Championship and the 2026 Winter Olympics, "We are a strong name for the two organizations. Such an organization will surely come to Turkey in the near term".

The conference hosted by Nişantaşı University, brought together innovative ideas, projects and initiatives that will take the sport forward. Dr. Veli Ozan Cakir who made the opening speech of the event told; "We hope that Turkish companies and brands to be more active in sports sector, particularly in the international arena. We are in favor of promoting local technologies and production in this context. Our main motivation is to create and support actors that increase Turkey's market share in the sports industry and bring the Turkish economy to an important place. We hosted the big organizations as a country. We lost hosting the 2020 Olympic Games on the final vote. Right now, we are a strong and effective candidate for the 2026 Winter Olympics with Erzurum city. In the near future, such an organization will definitely come to Turkey. We anticipate this, So, formation of the qualified workforce in this sense will make future projects much easier. We want to support and encourage Turkish production in many areas, particularly digital solutions that is used in many big organizations including this."


While speaking about Turkey's candidacy for the 2024 European Football Championship, Dr. Cakir told, "Turkey is already a strong football country. We are a country that attained success in the World and European Cups, whose clubs achieved success in Europe, players playing in big teams both in the country and abroad, and federation is also powerful. The team that give presentations and make preparations is also quite equipped. Our opponent is Germany. They also have a significant history of football. But Turkey will put forward its own subjective story and show that we are the most appropriate country for Euro 2024 by highlighting its positive sides with a successful communication campaign."

Nişantaşı University Rector Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, who made another opening speech of the program, said, "Actually, we all use concepts such as innovation, digital transformation, the internet of things, and we try to understand. But as far as I can observe, an obscurity and unpredictability form the main axis of these. While we discuss all these concepts, we prepare the human. The most important element of this unpredictability and obscurity is the issue that how people will keep up with all these processes and how technology will develop. "

Following the opening speeches, the event continued with presentations such as "European Sports Innovation and Startup Ecosystem", "Digital Sports Communication in Sports and Media", "Data Use and Analysis in Sports", "Investor Presentations of Sports Startups" and many local and foreign guests came together. The conference also included entrepreneurs, investors, brand managers, athletes, clubs and federation representatives who aim to follow the digital transformation in sports and to use business opportunities actively in this field. Conference attenders had the chance of discussing business and project opportunities in this field during the day with the participation of expert speakers from Turkey and Europe, and the world of sports, marketing and start up.


Release date: 29.05.2018