Basic Economics and Finance Education for Students Over 60


A seminar on basic economics and financial markets was given to the students of Refreshing University, who are conducting their activities in Istanbul at Nişantaşı University. During the 24 Financial Literacy ”seminar held on May 24, many topics on banking, finance and capital markets were shared with students over the age of 60. Nişantaşı University Head of Banking and Finance Lecturer. Member Ayşegül Güner made a presentation on the importance of financial literacy and understanding financial markets. Ender Kurtulan, Vice President of Market Surveillance and Inspection Department of Capital Markets Board of Turkey, presented his knowledge on Capital Market Products, Risks, Risks of Felicity Chain Practices and CMB Audit in order to draw attention to the happiness chains that are on the agenda in the public sector recently and to create risk awareness. Dr. During the speech of Haluk Tanyolaç, Insurance products, Private Pension Insurance, the state incentive for this insurance and the importance of the future Bes were discussed. Yenal Koçak, who has been providing financial trainings since 1994, provided information about current banking investment and loan products and ended the training.

Release date: 06.06.2018