University Education for 60 and Older People

Turkey’s first 3rd age university - 60+ Refreshment University which offers a healthy life for 60 and older people signed a protocol with Nişantaşı University. Prof. Dr. Terence Seedsman, Alzheimer’s Disease Specialist, gave the first lesson.

60+ Refreshment University signed a protocol with Nişantaşı University. Thus, 60 and older people in İstanbul will be able to take education for free for 4 years for the first time. After the Protocol was signed, Prof. Dr. Terence Seedsman, worldwide known specialist in Alzheimer’s Disease gave the first lesson in the Conference Hall of Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus, Nişantaşı University. 60 and older people will continue to learn lifelong thanks to this social responsibility project.

Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, the Rector of Nişantaşı University, attracted attention to the significance of benefiting from 60 and older people’s experiences in her opening speech, and said, "I believe such kind of a project will contribute to all of us. Recently it has been mentioned that there is a shift in classification of chronological age. 60 and older people are considered as young and middle aged now. The youth! We should support our new guests and try to benefit from their experiences. They are the people we need to learn the life from".

"We have more than 2 thousand students "

Prof. Dr. İsmail Tufan, the Founding President of Gerontology Department of Faculty of Letters, Akdeniz University, explained his pleasure with signing a protocol with Nişantaşı University and told, "60+ Refreshment University was realized as a social responsibility project through which 60 and older people can take education and instruction for 4 years within Akdeniz University. Today more than 2 thousand students are enrolled at the program. Therefore, we will be able to celebrate the opening of a new age in İstanbul in this fresh campus of Nişantaşı University one or two successful years later. 60 and older people living in İstanbul will be able to benefit from this program to be given for 4 years in this campus of Nişantaşı University. "

"A new meaning will be added in their lives thanks to lifelong learning "

Stating that the students request Master’s and Doctorate programs, İsmail Tufan also said, "One must be 60 years old and enthusiastic to learn in order to be able to attend this program. Attendance is also valid for this university. Therefore, the most significant characteristics of Refreshment University, a social responsibility project, are mutual learning, development of reserves, enhancement of our abilities and lifelong learning, one of the most important findings in life, and adding meaning into our lives. We aim all these fundamentally. We receive really positive feedback. Our students stepping in our university tell us “we are expecting from you to open Master’s and Doctorate programs”. 

"We are going to benefit from experiences of 60 and older people"

Prof. Dr. İlhami Çolak, Vice Chancellor of Nişantaşı University, said "We will have 60 and older people re-earned among young students thanks to signing such a social responsibility project. We believe this is a project with a high added value for our country. This is a useful project for both our university and our people. 60 and older students will share their experiences they have earned during 60 years with us here.  Therefore, I believe it is going to be a great gain for our university ".

Release date: 27.10.2017