Ahmet Hakan on Nişantaşı University Neotech Campus

On Thursday, 05.09.2019, author and journalist Ahmet Hakan visited Nişantaşı University to see the interior of Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus. Throughout his visit, Ahmet Hakan was accompanied by Nişantaşı University’s Founder Levent Uysal and Nişantaşı University’s Rector Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın.

After visiting and experiencing technological areas and laboratories on the campus, Ahmet Hakan said he was quite impressed with NeoTech Campus.  Hakan wrote in his column in Hurriyet Newspaper with “I would love to study there... Wish I was a student...” and continued his remarks on Nişantaşı University as such:


am known as a Nişantaşı resident for some reason... So I couldn’t ignore Nişantaşı University. I wandered around the university by saying “I would love to study there... Wish I was a student...” at each step... Here are my impressions:

 NO OTHER CAMPUS LIKE IT: A campus that is comfortable, colorful, lively, full of youth, huge but not intimidating, implicitly technological... What’s more, it’s 100% disabled friendly...

 PRACTICAL, NOT THEORETICAL Here’s the university’s motto: “30 percent theory, 70 percent practice...” So they designed a system which doesn’t require you to learn more after you graduate... They are aiming for an opportunity to carry you right to the middle of life and find employment.

NOTHING’S MISSING: Laboratories? All state-of-the-art... Simulation? Latest technology... Studio? All fully equipped... Classrooms? All smartest... Digitalization? Even the curriculum is digital...

YOU HAVE TO SEE IT: The campus has colorful streets that make you love science... Some kind of a huge technological park which aims to teach in joy, perform science in happiness, and learn with practice... It’s impossible to describe it, you have to see it for yourself.

LEVENT UYSAL: Levent Uysal, the founder of the university, is always a man with a smile... He has a young soul; his tastes, interests and curiosities are like a young person’s... It’s no wonder that the university he founded is overflowing with youth.

Release date: 13.09.2019