Girls in ICT project initiated at Nişantaşı University

Girls in ICT Project has been organized by Nişantaşı University and initiated with the support of IT Media Association, Women in Technology Association, Digital Development Association, NishNova Research and Development Centre and Educat Maker Space in cooperation with İstanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education of Ministry of Education, and International Telecommunication Union.

Gender gap is encountered in every field of economy and in many places all around the world. One of these fields is informatics. As women need to be directed to and supported in informatics sector since the age of education, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of Nişantaşı University has organized the Girls in ICT project in partnership with İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, Ministry of Education. During the first week of the project, 50 senior high school student girls received maker trainings and seminars in NeoTech Campus in Maslak 1453 and gathered with academicians from the departments related to information and communication technology on the campus.


Prof. Dr. Adem Karahoca, the Dean of Engineering and Architecture Department of Nişantaşı University, stating that the need to encourage women to contribute to economy  is clear and explicit, exclaimed that they aim to help girls recognize the opportunities in the informatics sector more closely and direct to such fields as technology, science, engineering and mathematics while drawing up their career pathways.

Prof. Dr. Karahoca explained, “We are going to bring 350 girls together with leading NGO leaders, public and private sector representatives and academicians at the International Girls in ICT Summit to be held on April 22. We will make efforts to enable them to share their knowledge and experience with high school female students and also attract attention of the society to this point. We will have organized the biggest celebration of Girls in ICT Day in International Information and Communication Technologies in Turkey, which is celebrated at the last week of April every year.

The girls, who had the chance to visit technology laboratories and simulation centres on the campus at the end of the program, stated that their interest in information and communication technology was enhanced thanks to this programme.


50 girls in total from two classes, each of which has 25 students, consisting of advantageous and disadvantageous girls, receive knowledge and practice based trainings on fundamental computer skills, robot technology, coding, artificial intelligence, digital communication and marketing, career opportunities in these 7 – week- workshops in scope of Girls in ICT project. The same students are encouraged to visit NishNova R&D centre, listen to the applications on site and examine the novelties that will increase their motivation. Academicians from information and communication technologies and any relevant department of Nişantaşı University meet with these students and help them become conscious about the sector. 350 female students are given a chance for fully-equipped education and activities thanks to this 7-week-training program.


Release date: 06.03.2020