ISIS gets weakened: Its dominance decreases to 20 square kilometer in 2018.

According to the report of Global Terrorism Index, the terrorist group ISIS, which dominated over 100 thousand kilometer-area in 2014, got weakened in 2018, and its dominance decreased to 200 kilometers.

Global Terrorism Index explained the number of people killed by the terrorist group ISIS and of the areas it dominated. According to the research, the number of people ISIS killed and the areas it dominated has decreased since 2016. The terrorist group, which dominated a 100 thousand- square kilometer- area in 2014, killed 6 thousand 73 people that year. ISIS, whose dominance decreased to an area of 90 thousand 800 square kilometer in 2015, killed 6 thousand 141 people in the same year. In 2016, although the area of its dominance got narrower, ISIS caused 9 thousand 150 people to be killed and started to get weakened after this date. In 2017, its dominance appeared to be on a 60 thousand-kilometre- area, and it killed 4 thousand 350 people. The terrorist group ISIS got squeezed in a 200 – kilometre- area of dominance in 2018, and killed one thousand 328 people.

Dr. Savaş Biçer, the Head of International Relations at Nişantaşı University, explained the reason why the number of people killed by ISIS and the area of its dominance has decreased since 2016, and said, “We can tell the terrorist organization has lost its dominance and the areas it invaded to a great extent as a result of effective combat against ISIS by the international coalition in Syria and Iraq. It is possible to say that especially the number of massacre of people has decreased because the people residing in these areas it held dominance and governance of fled from these areas. If it had continued to invade more areas, it would be expected that it persisted on its bloody murders in these new invaded places.”


Dr. Savaş Biçer exclaimed that Turkey is a country which experiences terrorist threat more closely, and explained, “The reason why we are successful at combatting this terrorist organization is the stable, conscious and planned combat against ISIS within and out of the borders of the country, especially in Syria. Apart from these, it is of great importance the fact that Turkey should take precautions that will close the passage for foreign terrorists which creates the main power of the organization to Syria and Iraq, opposition forces should hindered to come together and cooperate with ISIS in Syria and Iraq as a result of significant intelligence works, and Turkish Armed Forces should clear out DABIK and EL-BAB in the shortest time period thanks to Operation Euphrates Shield and end the dominance of ISIS on the west part of Euphrates River.”


Dr. Savaş Biçer continued, “The terrorist organization still keeps its potential to gather its strength that it lost in Syria and Iraq and initiate its actions.” He also added as follows:

“A great number of ISIS supporter terrorists are kept as prisoners by PYD/PKK, another terrorist group in Syria, which means they are kept readily available. It is likely that ISIS supporter terrorists will be released in case government forces do not provide sufficient security after the USA leaves the region completely. If we take into consideration the fact that European countries reject retaking their own citizens who are the members of the terrorist group, it must be expected that a new restructuring of ISIS that will aim to remake its fame with vengeance in the region.”


Dr. Savaş Biçer highlighted that it will be difficult for ISIS to regain its old power after 2013 in Syria and Iraq in the forthcoming period, and added, “It must be expected that it will attempt terrorist actions that will make its fame with Al-Qaeda-based extremist organizations in Pakistan and Bangladesh in Asia and especially throughout SAHEL region in Africa, which is from Nigeria to Somalia, under different titles with new leaders in new impact areas. New formations can appear if terrorists from Caucasus, Central Asia and Southern East Asia return back their countries. However, it is possible to see a single suicide attack, armed terrorist actions by minor groups and attacks with bomb vehicles especially in European countries. To this end, the international combat against ISIS performed jointly on the site must be performed for intelligence about all terrorist organizations without any discrimination. We have witnessed how terrorist organizations can cooperate with each other when necessary when RAKKA was captured from ISIS by PYD/PKK during Syrian Civil War. Keeping such kind of a partnership can be encountered in the future in mind all the time, the thought of using a terrorist organization to combat against another terrorist organization must be abandoned. Thus, it will be likely to carry out an effective combat against all terrorist organizations successfully”.

Release date: 02.01.2020