Lessons and psychological support to earthquake victim students

Nişantaşı University took action to provide lessons and psychological support to students who left the earthquake zone and could not continue their education.

Turkey is struggling against successive earthquakes that cause loss of life and property in recent months. Some of the citizens who do not want to send their children to the schools damaged due to the continuing earthquakes prefer to leave the region. Nişantaşı University has took action to provide lessons and psychological support to students who have left the region and cannot continue their education.

By making a statement on the subject, Dr. Hasan Carfi from Nişantaşı University said, “We will do our best to support our students, who suffered psychologically and academically, with all our educators at our university. We will be very happy to support and touch people’s life, even if only for one person. We are waiting for our victim students to our school in order to avoid deficiencies in education and training activities.”


By continuing his words, "These supports will be a step to accomplish success together.", Dr. Hasan Carfi said, “Our entire infrastructure is ready to continue their education by sharing all the opportunities of our university with students coming from the earthquake zone. In addition, we will provide psychological support by our volunteer educators in order to alleviate the psychological effects of the earthquake and help children to make sense of their post-traumatic responses.”.

Release date: 25.02.2020