Workshop on the Effects of Digital Transformation on Social Life

Effects of Digital transformation on Social Life Workshop organized within the scope of "Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Workshops Series" was held at Nisantasi University.

Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Öztemel stated that in order to be digitalized, it is necessary to understand the change in the world very well and said:

"In dynamic environments and changing environmental conditions, it seems inevitable for the institutions to renew themselves and manage the change process in order to systematically produce the services they need in the most effective way with the participation of all their stakeholders, to be better than the previous day, and to use the limited resources in the most efficient way reconciled with modern and technological developments."

While stating that the produced systems are getting smaller but their ingenuity is growing, Öztemel said, "In 2030, it is necessary to model how the environment, education, health, military, transportation systems will be. Artificial intelligence is the basis of all of the concepts called Water 4.0, Industry 4.0, Education 4.0, Logistics 4.0.".

Öztemel stated that the workforce structure will change in the short term, but the workforce will increase in terms of quality and quantity in the long term. She added that new job opportunities will arise in the future, and that artificial intelligence has begun to provide services in all areas of life, and in the future, artificial intelligence will show itself in all kinds of household goods.

"New professions will emerge"

Cenk Ceylan, Country Director for Rockwell Automation, stated that the need for energy is increasing day by day and that energy demand cannot be met by establishing a factory.

Ceylan stated that the production capacity should be used more efficiently, the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) systems in the near future will be very large, and he emphasized that digital transformation should be understood effectively by the managers and 87 percent of the global managers believe the necessity of digital transformation.

While emphasizing that the part to be digitized will differ according to the business model performed, Ceylan said:

"The machines can connect to a network, and instant data can be collected for data analysis. Machines are used as a smart data source. Smart factories will talk to us. For example, it will tell you that 5 days of raw material left, analyze the capacity utilization rate. The data of the produced product can be processed at the factory center. The right analysis is done to make the right investment in the right place.

The work of the new generation in the future will be different from now. None of the professions we know today will not exist in next 50 years. With the digitalization, new jobs such as robot repairers, cyber psychologists, data scavengers will emerge."

Release date: 31.05.2018