Dr. Fatih Anıl signs his new book

Dr. Fatih Anıl, a Lecturer at Nişantaşı University, signed his latest book titled ‘New Generation Business Model - Marketing 5.0’, which sheds light on a new period of trade towards earning new dimensions in parallel to international developments and changes from local balance, at the event for his readers.

Students and administrative staff in addition to the academicians participated in the signature ceremony held in Maslak Campus of the university. Dr. Fatih Anıl gave a at the event and said, “Everyone will be able to read my latest book titled New Generation Business Model – Marketing 5.0” easily, and it is a book written in a simple way that everyone can understand. I hope you will read it with pleasure”.

Dr. Anıl told, “This book basically paves the way to development and change of sales and marketing while making the definitions of their dynamics”, and continued as follows:

“The name of the system is New Generation Business Model. Thanks to this definition, trade is taken to digital platforms quickly. This model consists of online sales operation channels which facilitate national and international trade and provide the opportunity to sell goods and products in local and foreign markets more easily. It is not likely to manage existing business processes and meet the needs of the new generation consumers with traditional business models. It is a guide to abandon high cost physical investments swiftly, turn towards e-commerce sales operation channels, and plan production, trade and economic growth targets accurately. Process management is of greater importance in Marketing 5.0 period which will be called as new generation marketing.”

Release date: 10.01.2020