Dr. Meriç Esat Bebitoğlu's book titled “Sen Ne Yap Biliyor Musun?” Has Been Published!

The second book titled “Sen Ne Yap Biliyor Musun? Dünyadan ve Türkiye’den Örneklerle Girişimcilik ve İnovasyon Yönetimi” (Do You Know What You Should Do? Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management with examples from the world and Turkey) of Dr. Meriç Esat Bebitoğlu, the faculty member of Nişantaşı University School of Physical Education and Sports, Department of Sports Management, was published by Nobel Scientific Works.

With the current topics he deals with in his work and the dynamic expression language he uses, Dr. Meriç E. Bebitoğlu appeals to a wide range of people, from business people to entrepreneur candidates, from corporate professionals to new graduates and academics. Especially for readers who do not want to be content with examples only from abroad, he tells the examples of entrepreneurship and innovation from within the country by blending them with his own experiences and aims to give the reader an idea of how to do it.


The book “Sen Ne Yap Biliyor Musun?”of Bebitoğlu, in which he mentions both the theory and the practice of the subject, and the details of the practices in daily life together with his invaluable advice, took its place on the shelves.


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Release date: 06.04.2021