Dr. Mehmet Çiçek has been Elected as a Member of the AIPPI International Brands Standing Committee

Nişantaşı University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences Department of International Trade and Logistics Faculty Member Dr. Mehmet Çiçek was unanimously elected as a Member of the International Brands Standing Committee of AIPPI (International Intellectual Property Rights Protection Association), as one of the 20 people in the world in this field.

AIPPI is the world's leading international association that aims to bring together intellectual property rights holders, academics, patent trademark attorneys, and anyone interested in the subject. The main purpose of the standing committee to which Dr. Mehmet Çiçek is elected is to serve to promote, develop, encourage and disseminate intellectual property rights in the broadest sense at national, regional and international level in a way to contribute to social development; together with this, to serve to disseminate the awareness of the protection of these rights and to contribute to the academic and professional development of this field. The standing committee carries out the necessary work to examine, develop, harmonize, expand, improve international conventions and agreements, local and international regulations, and make them compatible with international standards.

Dr. Mehmet Çiçek’s academic article titled “The Effect of Technology and Intellectual Property on Covid-19” has been published in the AIPPI 20th Journal of Intellectual Agenda Turkey in March 2021.

The academic member of our university Dr. Mehmet Çiçek also owns the award for the best protected brand in the world.

Release date: 07.04.2021