Race Excitement from the Drone’s Eyes in NeoTech Campus

Representatives from rapidly spreading drone race all over the world in Turkey's Tech Drone League (TDL) 2nd stage race was hosted by the Nişantaşı University. On the first day, the drone pilots compete for the qualifying rounds, and for the ranking on the second day.

The drone races, seen as rivalling with Formula 1 all over the world, spread rapidly, while the Tech Drone League combined forces with Lifecell for long-term and sustainable projects. In this context, in the 2nd race stages of the Lifecell Tech Drone League coordinated by Nişantaşı University Maslak 1453 Neotech Campus; pilots gave the audience the excitement of a thrilling race with quad drones, FPV (First Person View) and special radio controls. Pilots who follow the image of the cameras on the drones that launched from a specified area fought to complete the specially designed track as soon as possible. Pilots competed on the first day for qualifying rounds, and for the ranking on the second day of the competition. In the second race of the Drone League, Paycell cards were awarded as 3,000 liras for the winner, 2,000 liras for the second and 1,000 liras for the third.


Can Tayfun, one of the founders of TDL who said that they want to cultivate more young people to this area and to instil them with technology, "We visited 5 different universities for 1 month. We reached about 60 thousand people in these places. We made 10 to 15% of these people to use drones and showed them the technology. The young people were very interested, and we think that new pilots would come in. Our goal was to educate young people and to instil them with technology, and here we are doing a drone festival with 12-13 different events, this year our goal is to reach 1 million people. Last year we reached 280 thousand people. Our target is much bigger next year. We want to create an army with more than 100 pilots and more than 50 instructors. This network is very valuable for us. Not only drone but also coding and robotics we give education to these children, "he said.


Halil Kocan, one of the pilots of TDL, said: "My starting point to this hobby is freedom. When you put on VR goggles and you start to fly and you do not communicate with anything you break off, you are free. For this reason, I am very interested in drone sport. As TDL, our biggest goal is to instil this hobby more and to introduce technology more closely to young people. We aim to introduce people what kind of sport is this with these kinds of activities.

At the event where the fastest pilots competed, the audience also had many technological experiences and participated in workshops. Participants also had the experience of using drone with instructors.

Release date: 19.11.2018