The First Meeting of The Series” Looking into The Eyes of The World

At the first meeting (11.11.2019) of the series 'looking into the eyes of the World' planned to be held twice a month by the Department Stage and Performing Arts and the text weaving workshop twice a month, John Keats poems and poetic cinema were discussed over the film 'Bright Star'. Asst. Prof. Dr. Burcu Kurtiş, the assistant dean of the faculty of Art and Design, the head of the department of Radio Cinema and Television, was the speaker at the event moderated by Ziyad Guliyev, head of the New Media Department and head of the stage and Performing Arts Administration Department.

We live together…

Today's highly connected digital life brings us closer together.

We were saying that the village is ours whether we go or not!



It's no longer a curious concept.

Every concept is ours,

Every value,



In this program,

In a format open to all students and lecturers.…

From cinema to sculpture,

From novel to architecture…

The selected item will be viewed and then discussed…

- With an out-of-place debate –

Let's them say so:

Don't talk out of place

These are meetings in our minds

To go through aesthetic creations and to build a common universe for ourselves.

Bright Star…

What could be beyond being a love story.

Why hell if there's love!

To bury all this in silence…

To film quietly!

Unlike Alice;

To be successful in non-speaking cinema

In the sound of scissors touching the fabric, or twists with metaphors that distance the word…

Out of ability, all this!

Are images of silence in order to create deep and distant reading,

Is cinema the picture passage of poetry?

With silence...

Not with words

Release date: 15.11.2019