Ediz Bahtiyaroğlu Sports Awards of the Year found their owners

These are name who took awards

Sports Channel of the Year – beIN Sports
Moderator of the Year – Ersin Düzen
Sports Reviewer of the Year – Alp Pehlivan
Sports Reporter of the Year – Yağız Sabuncuoğlu
Sport Program of the Year– %100 Futbol
Male Athlete of the Year– Atiba Hutchinson
Female Athlete of the Year – Birsel Vardarlı
E-spor Team of the Year – 1907 Fenerbahçe e-spor
E-spor Player of the Year - Tae-il Kim
Sport Newspaper of the Year – Fanatik
Sport Magazine of the Year – Socrates
Sport Radio of the Year – Lig Radyo
Emerging Youth Talent of the Year – Umut Nayir
Sports Journalist of the Year  – Ahmet Ercanlar
Sports Radio of the Year – Ilgaz Çınar
Digital Sports Channel of the Year – Misli TV
Digital Content of the Year - L1 Üçgen – Ofsaytı Bozan Adam
Digital Sports Reviewer of the Year – Uğur Karakullukçu
Mobile Sport application of the Year– Maçkolik Mobil
Fan Group of the Year – Nefer
Sports Club Best Using Social Media - İstanbul Başakşehir Futbol Kulübü
Special Award of Ediz Bahtiyaroğlu – Atilla Türker

Release date: 13.02.2020
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