Current Developments In 'Electroneurophysiology' Are On The Table

‘Current developments in Electroneurophysiology’ conference was held by Nişantaşı University Department of Electroneurophysiology.

Psychologist Tugba Çakmak and bioengineer Metin Berkant Bahçeci shared their experiences and recent developments in the field with the students at the event held in the Conference Hall of the University's Maslak campus. Nişantaşı University Electroneurophysiology department chair Dr. Aynur Müdüroğlu providing information about the content of the event “There have been very rapid advances in the field of Electronorophysiology recently, for example, the EEG device has been used not only in the clinic but also for many studies based on the central nervous system, with different studies showing,” said.

Aynur Müdüroğlu emphasizing that not only the students in the Electroneurophysiology program but also the participation of the psychology departments, said: “Electronorophysiology is a 2-year program. When they graduate, they work as technical staff. They can develop their field at any time. If they like what they do, they can improve themselves as well as increase their employment opportunities.”


Tugba Çakmak, a psychologist who noted that she had informed the students about the use of EEG in cognitive performance, especially artificial intelligence, machine learning, brain computer interfaces, ERP studies, said “Since EEG is more practical and more flexible and less costly, it is used more actively in terms of use than other brain imaging methods. EEG can also be used in many different disciplines in the health and social field. We passed these on to the students. I would advise the students to go beyond the technicality of this work and focus on different disciplines and develop themselves in their fields.”

Release date: 29.11.2019