Retired Ambassador Dr. Oğuz Çelikkol Was the Guest of Diplomacy Days

Political Science and International Relations Club Hosted Retired Ambassador Dr. Oğuz Çelikkol at our university.

In the first part of his speech, Ambassador Çelikkol told the development of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey, and the ways of being a diplomat to our students.

In the second part of his speech, Çelikkol shared his impressions and experiences about the Middle East geography that he gained throughout his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While speaking about the Arab Spring that started in the Middle East in 2011 and its effects on our neighbor Syria, Çelikkol told; ' After Bashar al-Assad had taken power in Syria after his father Hafez al-Assad, significant progress towards the solution of historical problems between Syria and Turkey have been made, but the Syrian civil war completely destroyed this positive atmosphere.' Çelikkol mentioned the impacts of Turkey's foreign policy and military action against the corridor that the US-backed Kurdish PYD is trying to create on Turkish border.

In the last part of his speech, Ambassador Çelikkol made evaluations about the Israeli-Palestinian problem in the Middle East; and stated that despite all UN decisions, Israel's expansion of its occupations was clearly against international law, but the Palestinian government, which could not find the necessary support from the international community, was left alone.

While stating that the Palestinian government should strengthen its weak organization as a state, Çelikkol told his thoughts that Israel will not withdraw from the occupied lands in the peace talks to be held in the future and will not make concessions about the status of the Jewish settlers.

Release date: 17.05.2018