132-million-dollar contribution to economy with energy saving

It is possible to contribute to economy of the country as 132 million dollars annually with 10 percent of energy saving that will be provided in houses. Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın, Energy Specialist, stated, “We spend approximately 50- billion- dollar foreign currency on energy every year, and buy the energy from overseas” and added, “Our local and national resources are not adequate for our energy-use potential. Therefore, we need to use energy very carefully”.

Energy production increases between 4% and 5% while energy consumption goes up between 7% and 8% annually in Turkey. In addition, while three quarters of energy consumed by one person a year in the country is imported, annual energy import price is around 500 dollars per person. The increase of power consumption which has doubled the world average in Turkey that is foreign-dependent in terms of energy makes it necessary to provide efficiency of energy. In such terms, it is stated that economy of the country can regain 132 million dollars annually with 10 percent energy saving that will be provided in houses.

Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın, the Rector of Nişantaşı University, who informed about energy saving on Cut Your Energy Costs Day on 10 January, said, “It is nearly impossible to maintain our daily lives without energy. Turkey is a foreign-dependent country in terms of energy. We spend approximately 50-billion-dollar foreign currency for energy every year, and buy the energy from overseas countries. Our local and national resources are not adequate for our energy-use potential. Therefore, we need to use energy very carefully.


Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın stated that 1 million buildings in Turkey got EPCs since 2011 when Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) application started, and added “We can contribute to our economy and budget by saving energy. We can save minimum 10 percent of the energy we use with the precautions we can take. We shouldn’t consider just power when energy is mentioned. We also mean fuel oil. Energy Performance Certificate application started in 2011 is highly important in such terms. However, it is more important to follow this accurately. It is really beneficial to follow such a certificate in practice”.


Prof. Dr. Yalçın reminded that we need to appreciate the energy used and said, “We have a lot to do for the next generation to leave them a better world. This existing potential was inherited to us. It is really important to manage it well and transfer it to the future generations. Our public must be aware of energy saving. For that reason, good training programs must be designed, and public service ads must be prepared. Awareness-raising is a period that must be performed since kindergarten. Children raised with this awareness since early ages can turn it into a habit, and so big steps can be taken in terms of saving energy”.


Prof. Dr. Yalçın continued his words saying, “It is possible to take some precautions such as improving energy transmission lines, and prevention of leakage and loss”, and made such recommendations as in the following:

“Some energy distribution companies have a different pricing policy for the time when domestic power is used intensively. We save energy when we consider them. Every kind of precaution is possible with a well-designed plan and a disciplined-monitoring. Use fluorescent lamp for lighting. Reduce the duration of your shower to 10 minutes. Note that your electrical appliances are at high energy classes. Do not forget devices such as television at stand-by modes. Humidify your house for a better heating comfort. Keep the temperature of your iron at the lowest degree according to the fabric type of your clothes. Do not open your oven door more than necessary while roasting. You can also save power, water and detergent by cleaning the dishes with a paper towel before putting them in the dishwasher. You must adjust your fridge according to the season. If your laundry is not much, I recommend you to wash them in economy program of the washing machines.”

Release date: 10.01.2020