Meat Specialist Cüneyt Asan: Meat should not be produced from dairy cattle

Cüneyt Asan, co-founder of Gunaydın Meat and Restaurants Group, stating that meat is produced from dairy cattle in Turkey, said “You cannot produce meat from dairy cattle even if you try due to their genetical characteristics. They yield less meat, but more milk because of their nature. Turkey is a meat exporting country. We must immediately stop producing meat from the dairy cattle, Holstein, instead start producing it from Austrian Simmentals.  We should immediately stop producing meat from dairy cattle, Holstein, and start breeding Austrian Simmentals”.

Cüneyt Asan, the co-founder of Gunaydın Meat and Restaurants Group, sharing his own experience with the students in an event organized by Nişantaşı University Culinary Arts Club, gave practical training about how to cut meat in the kitchen workshop. T

he meat specialist Cüneyt Asan, stating that a lot of chefs do not recognize the meat in Turkey, added, “Meat is a very significant and expensive nutrient. We need to benefit from it. We need to recognize the meat and know from which part of the animal we can make specific meals. In addition, it is necessary to know the quality of the meat. If you do not buy good and quality meat, it is difficult to cook a good dish. It is essential to recognize an animal’s origin to buy good meat and to know with what they are fed to some extent. If you do not know them, you cannot buy and cook good meat.”


Cüneyt Asan, stating that livestock are classified into two categories as dairy cattle and beef cattle, exclaimed, “It wouldn’t be delicious if you cook a meal with the meat from dairy cattle. Many countries have turned the matter of meat into a science all around the world. Brazil and Argentina occupy the greatest position in the world thanks to their massive meat production. However, America and Australia produce the best meat in the world because they consider it as a science, examining all species. For example, they can obtain perfect meat by planting an embryo of Wagyu cow from Japan into Angus cow. These two countries can do it in the best way as it seems”.


“No Angus or Hereford exist in Turkey. We have Holstein dairy cattle, whose color is black and white. We have obtained meat from dairy cattle throughout the history”, and he continued as follows;

“If you like to obtain meat from dairy cattle, you cannot do it because of their genetics. They produce more milk, but less meat due to their natures. Turkey is a meat exporting country. We must immediately stop producing meat from Holstein, and start breeding Australian Simmentals. Dairy cattle gain 600 grams daily when they are fed. Other Simmentals can gain up to 2 kilos. It is true that Turkey is a country engaging with agriculture and livestock, but it is a reality we have such kind of a problem. In fact, our geography is much more appropriate for sheep and goat farming. However, all these problems can be removed thanks to some regulations in livestock breeding.”

Release date: 06.12.2019