Attention to Department Selection in order to Become a Happy Employee of the Future

With the start of the preference period, candidates who want to be a university started to look for the right school for them. Stating that the departments that candidates will choose are one of the most important decisions that will make their professional life in the future, Nişantaşı University Counseling and Career Head Nazik Kösegil said, "If you want to be happy employees of the future, make your choices considering the areas you are happy with."

Stating that they aim to see people who are happy and successful in their profession, who benefit both the country and the world, Kösegil said, "Therefore, finding the right profession suitable for himself, receiving both academic and applied education in a department that depends on this profession, It is very important to take place, "he said.

Stating that students are influenced by many different factors while choosing a profession, Kösegil said, "They hear many positive or negative comments from their surroundings, their families, professors. They are able to choose a profession according to their interests and abilities. There is no such thing as "there is no work in this section. The important thing is what the person does and what he / she is doing for that profession. This is the hard part of the work. Students unfortunately do not know themselves, they do not know their abilities and they have information about the elements that make them happy. "They are not."


Providing information about the Nish Occupational Approach Inventory they have created to assist candidates in choosing a profession, Kösegil said, "Our aim is to list the professions that match the interests and abilities of the candidates. We provide an optical form and a booklet to the candidates who come to our stand in the Maslak 1453 Neotech Campus of Nişantaşı University. Candidates fill the form in 20 minutes and according to the results of this, we are trying to create lists that match their interests. "

Release date: 19.07.2017