The Youth Find Happiness with Technological Education

We trust Turkey growing steadily and its bright youth as Nişantaşı University. As a useful university, our goals are to perform global jobs, and to be able to give confidence and happiness to whole Turkey and therefore the world, ranging from our students, parents, academicians to our staff thanks to our investments and achievements. We believe in the power of seeing from a different perspective, looking, changing and converting with our viewpoint of following science, technology, the world and humanbeins closely. While Turkey is moving fast towards its goals for 2023, we keep on our preparation meticulously. We aim to maintain our existence as a university keeping up with the times constantly with our principles of being equipped, innovative, scientific and researcher in strong Turkey.


We take justified pride of being one of the foundation universities growing fastest in Turkey with thousands of students studying on our 5 campuses in Turkey and in language schools in different locations of the world. Our biggest project to date is innovative NeoTech Campus which is furnished with highest technology, and has still been constructed for nearly a year in Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453. We are going to move to 1453 NeoTech Campus, which has 106 thousand square meters closed, and 51 thousand square meter open area, and with which we aim to facilitate life with innovative technologies furnished there, which cost 550-million TL-investment in 2017-2018 academic year. The campus keeps up with the future from today. We are planning to increase our student capacity that will exceed 30 thousand, which is a very high number for a foundation university, to 68 thousand gradually in 2018. We prepare our students not only for courses but also for life thanks to our rich social facilities in arts and sports. As a world university, there is a 400-squaremeter-study hall for the students to be able to study in comfort on the campus we aim to raise global actors with local values. We improve our students with science and technology in order not to fall behind the world, even to be able to be ahead. We raise them in accordance with our educational philosophy at global standards and foresighted perspectives in order that they can carry out their professions anywhere around the world. We open the door of a contemporary, ground-breaking and exclusive world.


Information kiosks where our students can learn about many subjects and Videowall technology providing high quality image are just few of the innovations on our campus. We will be able to declare our messages to them through “Digital Signage”, a new generation advertisement, announcement and information system which is easy to use, can be remotely controlled and distributed over a network. We aim to facilitate education lives of our students and prepare them in confidence for bright futures in the light of science and technology thanks to “Smart Class” named as “Gold Class” on our campus equipped with information screens, advanced technology projectors, smart rostrums, smart microphones and smart class cameras. A lot of innovations such as 264 classes, 32 health laboratories, simulation class of a court hall, pharmacy and biochemist laboratories, aviation and navigation simulation ateliers, architecture/interior design drawing laboratories, engineering application laboratory, fashion-textile and graphics design ateliers, radio-television studio, gastronomy kitchens that can compete with the ones in grand hotels and restaurants, sport facilities, dance performance hall, drama / performing arts atelier, two conference halls (one for 200 persons, one for 350 persons), 1.200-squaremeter-library to be equipped with numerous sources of information are waiting for their real owners: the youth.


We encourage the youth to know themselves, realize their potentials, determine their dreams and goals, and change both themselves and the world they live in by providing them confidence, comfort and world-standards quality education. As Nişantaşı University family, whose members are all around the world, and who are attached to each other and their jobs with love, we are really excited to present a giant campus with high technology to our students. We move the education quality forward with our investments in consistence with the value on technology, research and science our 3rd generation university attaches. Our students that will be able to follow current advances in education, science and technology closely with ease thanks to NeoTech Campus will protect the local values and begin to work as individuals integrated in the world. We are happy to be the pioneer of the change and improvement as 3rd Generation University of Turkey. Let our Innovative NeoTech Campus be a gift for our students who believe in the power of change!

Release date: 22.05.2017