Outstanding Players of the Entrepreneurship World were at Nişantaşı University

Recently, Nişantaşı University's Banking and Finance Department hosted outstanding players of the entrepreneurship world. Ergin Üner, the co-founder of the mobile application BİSU brand, which provides the opportunity to place orders with a credit card by one touch feature from the phone, shared all details of his entrepreneurship adventure with the audience. Üner, the creator of BİSU, which was selected as "One of the Best Phone Applications of the Year" by Apple in 2017, gave information about production of BİSU's brand idea, realizing it, finding financing and now continuing its commercial activities and innovation studies.

Other guests of the event were Melek Investors Volkan Öngüç and Namık Kural, who are members of the TR Angels Melek Investment Network. While providing information on the basic rules of being an investor and providing financial support to start-ups, Öngüç and Kural emphasized the vital importance of Angel Investments in the emergence of new business ideas. Investor guests also spoke about the importance of the consultancy and mentoring roles that Melek Investors play in terms of businesses that take investments, apart from the financial part of the investment in startups.

Our entrepreneur and investor guests tried to open new horizons simultaneously while sharing their experiences with the audience during the enrichment of the entrepreneurship environment, the birth and realization of new business ideas at universities.

Release date: 25.05.2018