Young Entrepreneurs with “Come on High Schoolers!” Contest

High school students from all around Turkey got a chance to present their projects they developed considering social and environmental problems in "Come on High Schoolers!” contest. Elif Kubilay and Emir Gülal ranked first with their project named “Produce your own energy at break time” in the contest where 9 projects in total were presented. The students who ranked among the top three were awarded with 100% scholarships in the contest where students who reflected social responsibility awareness and entrepreneurial spirit participated.

Can Uysal, the General Secretary of Nişantaşı University, said, "Nişantaşı University provided all high school students who have social responsibility awareness and entrepreneurial spirit and would like to contribute to the society with their unique opinions the opportunity to develop and present their individual or group projects thanks to “Come on High Schoolers” contest organized by Community Service Practices Department and SosyalBen Academy in collaboration. We feel so happy to encourage these high school students with such kind of a vision and who would like to benefit the society and all living things and to have contributed to them in putting their social responsibility projects which were in their dreams into effect”. 

"Here is an incubation centre for the youth to put their projects into practice "

Mr. Uysal highlighted that they aim to enable all these projects to be practicable in real life and stated, "Our youth exhibited their projects which are creative and we find beneficial to the society before the jury members in this contest. Community Service Practices Department has been positioned as a “incubation centre” for the youth to put their dreams and projects into practice ".
Ece Çiftçi, the founder of SosyalBen Foundation, expressed her happiness in the following words, "We are really motivated by the high schoolers’ having such good ideas and presenting them here so well. I totally understand them because I used to make efforts for my project when I was at the same age like them. Here has become a great step for them to both express themselves and put their projects into effect. SosyalBen foundation has broken the new grounds in this field. SosyalBen provides social responsibility project consultancy to education institutions, corporate companies and individually to students as a social company. We have been in collaboration with Nişantaşı University for this project since January. Nişantaşı University names itself as a third-generation university. We support them to maintain this third generation as sensitive and responsible and carry this out continually as a company. It is such a nice feeling to meet people who are both entrepreneurial and sensitive to the society here.”

"They are really sensitive to social problems "

Stating that more good projects will appear as long as young entrepreneurs are supported, Ms. Çiftçi exclaimed, "The winners are producing their own energy in such a consumption society and have simplified it. You climb up the stairs and a sustainable energy and electricity is generated as a result of the pressure. Another student is supporting the blind to make it easy for them to choose a product. Another one is drawing up a project to help Syrian children. They are all so sensitive to current social problems ".

Winners of the contest are Elif Kubilay and Emir Gülal studying at Isparta Süleyman Demirel Science High School, and they said, "We are so happy to be the winners. We would like to put this project into effect in our schools and universities. We believe it can be a beneficial project for our country. We would like to move on with this project and add new specialties. It is one of our goals to put this model into effect and make it practicable in our lives. Nişantaşı University also supports us to put this project into practice. "

Release date: 23.07.2017