Communication Has No Barriers.

The EU Project and Coordination Unit within Şişli District Governorate conducts the Barrier-Free Service Project, which aims to provide a better service for hearing-impaired individuals, in partnership with Şişli National Education Directorate and Nişantaşı University.

Hearing impaired individuals in daily life have serious difficulties in finding jobs, getting service in the public and private sectors, communicating with doctors in hospitals, training in universities, following news on television. The project, whose aim is to enable the hearing-impaired citizens to benefit from the services in the public and private sectors, is planned to start in January. In this regard, Turkish sign language training will be provided free of charge to a total of 200 employees working in private companies, universities and hospitals, including Boyner Mass Merchandising, who are in direct contact with customers.

In order to facilitate the lives of hearing-impaired individuals and provide them with a better service, participants who receive 120 hours of training will be entitled to receive a certificate if they are successful at the end of the training.

Release date: 05.02.2018