Recovery in Employment Rates Remarkable

The rate of unemployment reported by Turkish Statistical Institution regressed to 12.6 % in February. Instructor Lina Barokas, Nişantaşı University, expressed that there has been a recovery in employment rates in February and the new employment package the government has put into practice is effective in this recovery.

The rate of unemployment regresses in February

Lina Barokas said, “According to labour force statistics reported by Turkish Statistical Institute, the rate of unemployment was 12.6 % in February 2017. Compared to the rate in February 2016, we can see there is a -1.7% -increase in the rate of unemployment. Compared to the previous year, it is clearly seen that the highest unemployment rate belongs to the youth population (15-24 years) with the percentage of 23.3” in her explanation regarding the rate of unemployment.

“Employment package may have been effective”

Emphasizing that there is a- 500 thousand-people increase in the number of the employed, Ms. Barokas explained, “Compared to the unemployment rate reported as 13% in January 2017, we can say there is a partial recovery in February. Especially the number of the employed has increased as 500 thousand people, and we can see more people are employed in contrast to the last month.  A majority of the employment has been realized in non-agricultural sector. Labour force participation rate has experienced a positive progress with a 1% increase in contrast to the same month of the previous year. We may have gradually seen the effects of the new employment package for 1.5 million people enforced by the government”.

Release date: 15.05.2017