"I Condemn The Decision and invite The House Of Representatives To Respect The Science Of History”

Levent Uysal, founder of Nişantaşı university, denounced the recognition of the so-called armenian genocide by the House of Representatives and said,” The truth cannot be hidden, history cannot be rearranged politically, those who want to know historical facts should look at archival records, not parliments.”

The ownership of the so-called Armenian genocide allegations by the United States House of Representatives endangers the friendly relations between the two countries, which have been established especially recently and date back to the 20th century.

Levent Uysal pointed out to this fact, “just as we cannot deny the scientific rules in chemistry, physics or mathematics, we cannot make inferences politically about history, which is a branch of science. The so-called Armenian genocide allegations are not based on historical facts.

In the Turkish Grand National Assembly, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Let no politics be involved in this. There are over 1 million documents in our archives”, and MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli stated “I proudly say that they cannot meddle with Turkey.” The Republic of Turkey has repeatedly invited scientists to examine the archives, but this invitation has not been met by the states supporting the claim nor the lobbies supporting the alleged genocide. History is a science, and no country, no Parliament can manipulate it at its own pleasure and use it like the sword of Damocles against countries. In this respect, I deplore the decision and invite all the countries that share this lie, especially the House of Representatives, to respect the science of history.”

Release date: 01.11.2019