Crowd funding was discussed with all its aspects

The First Mass Funding Forum was held.

The first of the Crowd Funding Forum held to raise awareness about mass funding, one of the important steps of entrepreneurship, took place.

The event, which brought together many sector representatives, was organized with the contributions of the Crowd Funding Association and Nişantaşı University. The opening speech of the forum hosted by the University's Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus was done by the Crowd Funding Forum Founder Savaş Ünsal. Following Ünsal, Türk Telekom CEO Paul Doany shared his opinions on the issue with the participants.


By defining crowd funding as " support for entrepreneurs by big crowds with small amounts", Savaş Ünsal said, "This is an alternative funding system. We had a method before called The Collective Work. For example, if a wedding was to be held, everyone would unite, give money from their pocket, and the wedding would be done like this. This is the internet state of the collective work".

By telling that platforms such as CrowdFON and fonGOGO are examples of today's funding platforms, Ünsal said, "When you have any projects, you put them on these platforms and you say the amount of support you need for your project from social media. For example, you have a book project and you need 5 thousand liras for this. You tell if they give 10 liras, I will send one signed book, and if 20 liras, I will send 2 signed books. You are trying to get your project funded within 30 days". And he added "We have a market of about 20 million and I think this will grow much more after the legislation.".


İdeanest Crowd Funding Program Manager and Turkey Technology Development Foundation member Kaan Aksay said "As Ideanest, we work as a donation based version of crowd funding. We are one of the two platforms on this issue in Turkey. Since our subject is a little more donation based, it is based on donation and cooperation. In fact, this was something that was always like the practice of collective work, and we brought it into the forefront a little bit. We believe that these practices will gain speed and be more beneficial with new legislative changes and other platforms. Our platform has certain criteria. We do not accept all kinds of projects. The basis of our criterion is that the project is technology based and provides social benefits. We are happy to support projects involving these two.".


Gökçe Tabak, director of NishNova at Nişantaşı University, drew attention to the importance of funding for startups and the availability of alternatives on the market. Stating that there are funds such as angel investors and micro venture capitals in this area, Tabak said, "We see crowd funding as a very important funding alternative because it is a system that brings together small funds to transfer them into projects with attractive potential."

By stating that as NishNova we are very happy to support this forum, which is important for entrepreneurs and startups in the ecosystem, Tabak stated that NishNova has networks such as transfer office, project office, development office and angel investment. Tabak stated that students are involved in the entrepreneurship world with this center, in this way, young people can accelerate their careers with their supported ideas.

Release date: 10.05.2018