Quantum Proven with its Presence Measured in Organizations

In her article published in collaboration with Bülent GÜNDOĞMUŞ, Dr. Gözde MERT contributed the concept of “Quantum Organization Perception” to management literature. Their published article proves that employees of an organization have a perception of quantum organization, and this can be measured. At the same time, they developed a Quantum Organization Perception Scale and offered a new tool to academia.

The research proved that a transition from linear organization to quantum organization has started among businesses, an environment of chaos is present in businesses, and first signs of transitioning to quantum organizational structure were identified. Dr. Gözde MERT says that quantum organizational structure is important for businesses, but emphasizes on the fact that only human resources of a company can develop this.

The fact that the article was viewed for over 2000 times during the same evening it was published shows the interest and need of the business world. For those who wish to read and benefit from the subject, CLICK HERE to view the article.

We congratulate our faculty member Dr. Gözde MERT for her success and wish her luck.


Release date: 31.07.2019