‘Turkish Sports Workshop’ on the 100th Anniversary of War of Independence

National Sports Policy Workshop was held in partnership with Ministry of Youth and Sports, Başakşehir Municipality and Marmara University on the 100th Anniversary of War of Independence.

Halis Yunus Ersöz, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Yasin Kartoğlu, Mayor of Başakşehir Municipality, prominent academicians in sports management, sport managers, trainers, national athletes, and 32 sport federations participated in the workshop held in Marmara University’s Campus on the Anatolian side. Instructor Cemal Özman, Head of Sport Management Program at Vocational School at Nişantaşı University, took part in ‘Sport Management and Education’ commission.

Opinions regarding vision of Turkish sport were discussed in the commissions of ‘sport culture, sport management and education, sport and local governments, sport and media, sport management and federations, and sport management and informatics’.


Release date: 19.12.2019