Our National Athlete İbrahim Gündüz returns from Spain with a Medal.

Our national athlete İbrahim Gündüz, 1st grade student of the School of Physical Education and Sports, has achieved a historical success as a bronze medal winner.

In the 18th Mediterranean Games table tennis individual games played in Tarragona, Spain, İbrahim Gündüz defeated the Greek rival 4-0, the Kosovo rival 4-0 and the Spanish rival 4-3. Then, Gündüz, in group I, defeated his opponent from Cyprus 4-2, his Egyptian competitor 4-3 and his Portuguese opponent 4-1 in the quarter finals.

In the quarter-finals, İbrahim Gündüz defeated his Italian opponent while the game was 0-2 but finished 4-2 with victory, but unfortunately defeated by his Slovenian opponent 4-1 in the semi-final.

National athlete İbrahim Gündüz was judged victorious due to the disqualification of his French opponent by the chief referee in the semi-final and won the bronze medal.

We congratulate our student and wish him a continued success.

Release date: 29.06.2018