Why Jerusalem, What kind of a Jerusalem Workshop?

Regarding the latest developments in Jerusalem, a workshop was organized under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Esra HATİPOĞLU, Rector of Nişantaşı University, on 16 May 2018. In the workshop, developments in the region were evaluated in detail by the participating faculty members and a consensus was reached on the following topics.

  1. The meaning of the decision of the United States (US) to transport its Embassy to Jerusalem can actually be clearly understood from the lines in the National Security Strategy document prepared by the Trump administration and published at the end of 2017. According to the mentioned document, the American administration will never make compromises in the fight against jihadist terrorism and Arab nationalism. The interests pursued here do not only cover the relief of US security concerns, but also aim to carry the Syrian policy of Iran to the international arena, which Israel and the Trump administration face as a common struggle axis.
  2. Considering the fact that although President Obama has determined the use of chemical weapons as a red line, he did not act against the Syrian administration, it is of great importance that keeping the promises made in the strategy document to fight against jihadist terror and Iran, which is seen as the main responsible of the conflicts in the Middle East. When evaluated in this context, the move of the embassy is a hard and determined message by the USA given to Iran, Hamas and the Islamic world on the subject that all measures will be taken to ensure Israel's survival.
  3. Instead of discussing the reasons for the clear support of the US to Israel, it will be necessary to mention the threat, which stun even the realists in its own country with its applications that use tough methods, posed by a superpower, which does not even take into account what the possible consequences of this support will be and how it can be tolerated. The USA has again chosen the wrong partner in the fight against jihadist terrorism, as in the case of its alliance with the PYD/PKK. For the US administration, which supports the use of terrorism in the fight against terrorism for the sake of their national interests, it is important what the US will gain from this, rather than whose capital will Jerusalem be. For the USA, the meaning and importance of human life, the sovereign rights of states, and international law is relative, because "America comes first" before everything.
  4. We have no idea whether does the US think that the country exculpate itself from the responsibility of Israel’s disproportionate, measureless and inhumane reaction to the civilian resistance in Palestine, since US does not use force itself, however it has innocent’s blood on its hands. As the damage given to the non-fighting civilian people in Vietnam, Iraq and Syria by the United States, was written to the history, the latest practices of US that break the status of Jerusalem, which was accepted earlier by the UN and foreseen to be protected the city, and bring blood and terror, together with the persecution of the Palestinian people, will always be remembered with horror.

As discussed and accepted in the workshop, Nişantaşı University will closely monitor the developments in the region, the meaning an value of the subject will be explained to our interlocutors in every platform in terms of our national sensitivities and commitment to humanitarian values, and the effects and results of the subject in the context of international law and politics will be explained to students with examples.

Release date: 16.05.2018