A ‘Special Breakfast’ on Our NeoTech Campus

Our disabled students and their parents had breakfast with our Founder President Levent Uysal, our Rector Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, and managerial staff.

Speaking at the breakfast, Levent Uysal said “Our goal is to manage our university together and prepare our disabled students for the future. In this “new world’’ where technology advances rapidly and invades more aspects of our lives each day, the only way to be successful is to adapt to this change. In our Maslak 1453 NeoTech campus we try to make sure that our handicapped students are ready for this change as well.”

In her speech, our Rector Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, underlined the continuous coordination between disabled students, and academic and administrative staff and said, “We made all programs accessible to our disabled students in our university. We are working diligently on our ‘disability free access' and ‘disability free education' activities. Our primary goal is to make our disabled students ready for business life and see them as responsible people taking part in social life.

Coordinator of Disability Free Life Unit, Burak Can Avcı, said that they are aiming to take ‘disability free university flags' and ‘disability free program badges' by the end of this year.

After the breakfast, each disabled student received a special-made watch as a souvenir.

Release date: 10.01.2019