Nişantaşı University Hosted the 3rd International Orienteering Winter Cup

Nişantaşı University, which touches people of all ages with its interesting events, hosted a colorful event on Saturday.

The fourth stage of the International Orienteering Winter Cup event, organized in cooperation with the Orienteering Academy and Northern Deers Nature Sports Club, took place at the Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus.

In the nature sports Orienteering Winter Cup, in which competitors aimed to find marked destinations on the map and can be performed in many mapped locations, especially in forests and parks, this year, training project trainees over 60 years of age, under the name of "Refreshment University" within the body of Nişantaşı University, competed. For the orienteering, which is one of the courses given within the scope of the training project, 30 trainees who took this course struggled. The Refreshment University trainees, who came together with competitors of all ages from domestic and abroad, had an amazing experience.

230 athletes, 60 of which were foreign, participated in the competition, which lasted for five days and consisted of 10 stages. As being youngest competitor 6 years of age Alaz TURAL from Turkey and oldest 80 years of age from Denmark Leif Skovgaard KNUDSEN in the competition which contributes to the promotion of our country and encourage people to make sport. The sport event took place in the Belgrad Forest firstly, and in Gülhane Park, Maçka Park, Emirgan Park, Arnavutköy District and Bahçeköy Central District.

The 3rd International Orienteering Winter Cup will continue with the other stages and will be completed with the last stage on January 30.

Release date: 29.01.2018