Nişantaşı University Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Workshop Begins

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Workshop organized by Nişantaşı University will be held in Maslak 1453 Neotech Campus in 28 December 2017 with the support of San Diego State University, Youngstown State University,  Gazi University and Universiti Technology Malaysia.

The workshop consists of topics such as enabling all public institutions to work as one single institution, standardization of service quality provided by the institutions and providing requested public services in a single package, which are 3 stages of digital transformation included in the government plan. Artificial intelligence applications affecting countries’ policies, strategies and productions and such terms as Bitcoin which has become a significant agenda in the economy will be discussed in details in the workshop, as well as opportunities and threats. Also, it will be evaluated where the world stands in this sense.

Topics such as big data, cyber security , bioinformatics, digital games, tools and technologies, quantum and post quantum calculations will be highlighted in the workshop.

The following shows some of the participants in the workshop to which prominent scientists in digital transformation field and leading experts in the sector pay attention:

Prof. Dr. Derviş Karaboğa, having developed artificial intelligence algorithm in our country and presented it to the world, registered in ScholarPedia and awarded with Mehmet Akif Ersoy Science Award in December 2017;

Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez, having received various awards in digital transformation and entrepreneurship fields in many universities in England.

Prof. Dr. Türksel Kaya Bensghir, the first associate professor in Information Management in our country and E-State representative of our country in United Nations;

Prof. Dr. Şeref Sağıroğlu, one of the most important professors in information security, the Head of Computer Engineering Department at Gazi University, a member of Task Force on Biometrics of IEEE, and a member of YOK (Council of Higher Education) Cyber Security Study Group.

The workshop, which is open to the whole science world and academic world, aims at assembling researchers, academicians, engineers and sector professionals from all around the world together.

Prof. Dr. İlhami Çolak, Vice-chancellor of Nişantaşı University, assigned as the chair of the workshop, said, “This is going to be a workshop for all participants from academy and the sector. As Nişantaşı University, we will be hosting the first workshop of this series with the theme of “Fundamentals of Digital Transformation and Key Role-Players.”

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Release date: 25.12.2017