Nişantaşı University Became One of the Pioneering Schools that Implemented the "Zero Waste Project" for Nature and Future Generations on Campuses.

Nişantaşı University, which is a pioneer in many different projects in order to develop social and environmental awareness, has implemented the "Zero Waste Project" under the protection of Presidency of Turkish Republic, which includes recycling of waste, in order to prevent waste and use resources more efficiently.

As being one of the pioneering schools that implement "Zero Waste Project", which allow the control of waste within the framework of sustainable development principles, Nişantaşı University aims leave a clean Turkey and a livable world for future generations. In this context, a series of work started to be implemented on campuses.

In Nişantaşı University campuses, primarily waste sources were determined, and recycle bins were placed to collect recyclable wastes. Residues of the meals in canteens and kitchens started to be sent to animal shelters. Within the scope of the project, all the printed works such as posters and banners were replaced with the video walls placed in Nişantaşı University, so paper waste is minimized. In addition, all promotional products of the school are made from completely recyclable materials.

Within the scope of the “Zero Waste” Project, energy saving light was started to be used for all lighting devices in the school and it was planned to reduce wasted energy consumption by changing product mechanics in unused areas. Central heating systems are renewed, so saving is also achieved in heating.

Apart from the measures taken within the scope of the “Zero Waste” project, with the “Environmental Awareness Office” established, Nişantaşı University not only saves energy in unused areas in the campus, but also offers a unit where students can get information and produce projects. Simultaneously, awareness raising activities are carried out through symposium and conferences for students, academic and administrative staff on waste recycling. The first of these works was "Zero Waste Symposium". During the symposium held on Wednesday, April 25, İstaç General Manager Fahrettin Soran gave detailed information about waste management in Istanbul, while Assoc. Dr. Sevcan Aydın and Dr. Selma Şekercioğlu shared their knowledge on energy production, waste and climate change.

Projects and awareness raising activities in the field of "Zero Waste", which are implemented with the philosophy of preventing waste and reducing waste, converting them and leaving a cleaner and livable world for future generations, will continue to diversify in the coming period.

Release date: 30.04.2018