The Disability Free Life Unit of Nişantaşı University in Lithuania in scope of Erasmus + project!

In scope of Erasmus + program, the Disability Free Life Unit of Nişantaşı University visited Kazimieras University, located in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Studies and events for the disabled of Nişantaşı University and Kazimieras University were discussed and compared, and meetings about what else can be performed to go further were held during the visit. In addition, Neotech Campus of Nişantaşı University was introduced with various visuals by the Disability Free Life Unit of Nişantaşı University. It was realized during the meetings that there are no disabled students and workers at Kazimieras University, and in case such people exist, studies for them will be insufficient. For that reason, arrangements and projects that Nişantaşı University performed for the disabled students and workers within the university were taken as an example by Kazimieras University.

In scope of the program, Consulate General of Turkish Republic located in Lithuania was visited. A general information about Lithuania was given during this visit. Information about Nişantaşı University was shared mutually by the Disability Free Life Unit. Furthermore, various cultural and artistic places of Lithuania were visited, which gave the chance to get to know the country more closely.

Burak Can Avcı, Coordinator of the Disability Free Life Unit, who participated in the project, has been the first worker with special needs in this project which Nişantaşı University breaks the ground at. Burak Can Avcı representing the university at this Erasmus+ program as disability free and Uğur Bilmen, Head of Student Clubs, were celebrated by Nişantaşı University. In addition, Burak Can Avcı and Uğur Bilmen thanked Kazimieras University which hosted them, and General Consulate of Turkish Republic in Lithuania for their sincere welcome.

Release date: 08.07.2019