Nişantaşı University Takes Its Place among Futourism Congress Supporters

2nd International Congress of The Future of International Tourism; The Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability is held in Mersin, between the dates of 27-29 September 2018, under the leadership of Mersin University Tourism Faculty. Nişantaşı University is among the universities that support the congress.

In this congress to be held, together with the participants at the international level, research areas that may affect the future of tourism and accommodation management will be discussed. Throughout the congress that academicians from Turkey and many countries worldwide, graduate students, and professionals working in tourism, travel and accommodation sector will participate, many issues such as sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship, management of climate change will be discussed in detail. In the congress that will shed light on the future of tourism, Prof. Dr. Asım Saldamlı, who is a faculty member of our Tourism Management Department, will also be among the speakers.

Congress topics:

Release date: 26.09.2018