A visit from Students at Department of Journalism of Nişantaşı University to TGC Press Media Museum

Students of Department of Journalism of Nişantaşı University visited TGC (Turkish Journalists Association) Press Media Museum located in Çemberlitaş with Dr. Zehra Özkeçeci in order to increase their professional knowledge.

Turgay Olcayto, the President of Turkish Journalists Association and Sibel Güneş, the General Secretary, were informed about TGC Press Media Museum located in Çemberlitaş opened to service in 9 May 1988 after being renovated between 1984 and 1988. The President Turgay Olcayto and General Secretary Sibel Güneş answered the students’ questions about the activities of Turkish Journalists Association.

The students thanked the President Turgay Olcayto and the General Secretary Sibel Güneş who shared their experience and knowledge throughout the event and took a photo with them to capture the moment.

The students examined the possessions, photos, and oil paintings of the people who contributed to the press at TGC Press Media Museum. The museum is also considered as one of the special museums in the world because it has press media technology and things produced with this technology.

The Press Media Museum presents the change of press media technology from the beginning to today. There is a model of the printing machine? installed by İbrahim Müteferrika in 1729, known as the first printing in Turkey, and the samples printed by it, lithography machine, platen machine, mechanical press, guillotine and printing machines of various periods.
There is also Al-Waqa-‘i’ al-Misriyya newspaper dated 1828, which is considered as the beginning of Turkish journalism, documents and newspapers explaining the first steps of the history of press media, and all documents and photos including breakout of press media realized as of Second Constitutional Era, foundation of the Turkish Parliament, and establishment of Turkish Republic, transition to Latin alphabet and the period up to now. It is possible to watch the evolution of press media technology from the beginning up to now in halls of the Press Media Museum. A nostalgic journey through samples of lithography machines, platen machines, rotary press intertype, proofing benches, guillotine, old typewriters, telex, and telephotos are available free of charge. Possessions, photos, oil paintings, and hobbies of people who contributed to the press media at TGC Press Media Museum are also on exhibition. The museum also is one of the special museums in the world with the works produced with technology and press media technology.


Photos of the journalists ranging from the first one killed on Galata Bridge in 6 April 1909 to today are exhibited in the section called “Journalists Killed”. TGC Press Media Museum provides the opportunity of journey to the history of journalism with memories and portraits of the journalists and writers who impressed such as Nazım Hikmet, Sabahattin Ali, Peyami Safa, Namık Kemal, Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Burhan Felek, Abdi İpekçi, Uğur Mumcu, Çetin Emeç, Hrant Dink, Mehmet Ali Birand and Mustafa Cambaz, a martyr of July 15th.

The Press Media Museum, which has 30 thousand books about journalism and communication in its library, is visited by 15 thousand people every year, still survives thanks to the efforts of Turkish Journalists Association, which is beneficial to the public.

Release date: 10.05.2019