"Cooperation in English” from Nişantaşı University and Pakistan

Foreign Languages Department of Nişantaşı University and Teachers' Resource Centre (TRC) and Pakistan started to carry out a common project.

In this scope, an English Language Education seminar is going to be held in Maslak campus of the university. It is aimed in the seminar to set sail for new horizons about cultural exchange, international study, and creation of new ideas. It is also aimed to keep English instructors updated in terms of knowledge and practice for 21st century educational requirements, and help them benefit from educational experiences of a nation whose second language is English.

Instructor Kubilay Gitmişoğlu, Coordinator of Foreign Languages Department of Nişantaşı University made some evaluations on this topic stating, “this seminar was planned for English Instructors. In addition, a 20-people-Pakistani group will attend the seminar. English is the second language in Pakistan. It is not taught as a foreign language, but as a second language there. However, English is a foreign language in our country. Their education system is different than us because English is their second language. We wish to learn their methods and how they have placed English in their lives in this seminar.”

Instructor Kubilay Gitmişoğlu emphasized these seminars will continue, and added, “This is the first time we have organized such kind of a seminar in our school, and we target to change it into a conference”.


Release date: 25.12.2019