Nişantaşı University Students purged Çilingoz Cove

Being located in İstanbul Çatalca, Çilingoz Cove and Natural Park is purged from pollution and trash. Cove is purged from, 1 ton and  300 kilograms trash only in 3 hours.

Students of Nişantaşı University Nature and Environment Club, '' purged Çilingoz Cove and Natural Park located in İstanbul, Çatalca with the slogan of 'Don't litter but build for our future'. At the new year's eve, students manage to collect 1 ton and  300 kilograms trash only in 3 hours.  

30 students also purged 80 meters long fine sandy Black Sea coastal area. In 3 hours students collected 1 ton 300 kilograms of trash consisted of glass, plastic and metal. The most surprising trashes in the pile were ship parts with Chinese inscriptions on them. Trashes were carried to special vehicles with the help of Çatalca Municipality. 

Speaking on behalf of Nişantaşı University Nature and Environment Club Berkcan Demir, "We are taking a small step in order to leave a habitable environment to future generations and we say that;  don't litter to coasts, nature, historical places, street, in short nowhere other than trash itself and don't destroy future!"

Release date: 27.12.2018