Students from Department of Sociology and Social Services of Nişantaşı University Share Their On the Job Professional Practice Experience

Students from FEAS Department of Sociology and Social Services Gathered at the  “You at WORK” Event

Students from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Sociology and Social Services shared their experiences on the “On the Job Professional Practice” course during an event called 
 “You at Work” held on May 30th.

Within the scope of the event, our students shared their positive and negative experiences with companies, how they apply their theoretical background to practice, and their experiences on managing implementation processes. At the same time, they discussed when the advantages provided by this course to our university’s students will be useful.  Our students said the goal of this study on how aligned the “On the Job Professional Practice” course and their chosen profession were is to give an idea to students who will be taking this course in the future.

A senior student from Sociology Department who participated in the event shared her thoughts with us;

“Internship experience was the most important experience we have had with regards to our future career. It gave us the opportunity to gain experience in public or private sector and guide our career based on this experience. -Vildan Baştuğ

“Internship was our first step in business life. Working along with different people, different mentalities, and disadvantaged groups allowed us to change our perspective. In terms of human relations, prejudice was particularly hurtful.  Having done something for people, touching someone else’s life to repair something boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel useful.” -Semanur Cömert

“Internship helped my understand professional life. I learned what course of action I should take whenever I face a situation in my career. It helped me develop my communication and observation skills. At the same time, I was able to work at my own field thanks to my internship which helped my build self-confidence and change my way of thinking.” -Nur Otalı

Release date: 31.05.2019