Nişantaşı University organized various events as part of March 8th Women's Day

Nişantaşı University organized events throughout the week as part of March 8th, International Women's Day. In the week, various events attracted great attention including International Women's Day Concert, "Social Gender Equality Development Program" panels, "Career Days Summit", which lasted for 5 days with wide participation, and the Seminar of “Being a Woman in Istanbul".

On March 8th, "International Women's Day Concert" was given by the faculty member of Nişantaşı University Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Music Dr. Emine Bilir Eyüpoğlu and her team on digital platforms.

In addition, leading women professionals of the sector were brought together with university students at the "March 8th Career Days" seminars organized by Nişantaşı University Career Center. 15 women speakers took part in the 5-day event named "Successful Women in the Career Scene".

In the event; business women in many fields such as law, human resources, media, education, consultancy and finance answered the questions that students were curious about. As part of the event, topics including being a woman in business life, the stages women go through in business life, the role of women, and gender equality were discussed. Successful women shared their experiences and difficulties in business life with students. The guests, who sincerely responded to the questions and comments of the students, also made suggestions for the students' business and career lives.

On the last day of the week, the closing seminar of the event was held for international students by Ata Holding Strategy Director Seda Erdem. In the live broadcast that was held in English, Seda Erdem talked about the importance of equality in business life and the value added by differences.

In addition to the week-long event, organized in cooperation with Nişantaşı University Women and Family Studies Research and Application Center, and the International Federation of Business and Professional Women Istanbul Association, the "Social Gender Equality Development Program" was held on March 11, 2021, in two sessions as part of the International Women's Day Event. 9 speakers took part in the panel with intense participation.

In the event organized in two sessions, the opening speech of the March 8th International Women's Day Panel was made by Nişantaşı University Rector Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın talked about their egalitarian understanding of education and efforts to prevent violence and discrimination.

As part of the program, a lot of seminars were given on many topics such as social gender, gender discrimination, gender roles, gender stereotypes, equality in language, digital violence, dating violence, women's rights in national and international documents and contracts, good practice examples of the private sector and non-governmental organizations, women in working life, empowerment of women and development, women in management and equality at work; The work of international organizations in the field of women such as United Nations Women Unit, United Nations Population Fund and the contribution of the EU Presidency to the project processes in Turkey in the fields of women.

The closing speech of the panel was made by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the EU Presidency General Manager Bülent Özcan. Bülent Özcan, in his speech, talked about their work on protecting the family and fight against violence to women. He added that for a more accommodating, fairer and inclusive life, women should be everywhere, on equal terms and in numbers.

On the last day of the week, "Being a Woman in Istanbul” seminar was held by Nişantaşı University Department of Social Work. The seminar was organized with the participation of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services Women's Services ŞÖNİM Branch Manager Nermin Fügen Özer, Social Policy Coordinator of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Zelal Yalçın, Coordinator of Sarıyer Municipality Women's Studies Coordination Center Zerrin Coşkun Harput. The difficulties of being a woman in city life were discussed. The seminar, in which legal, psychological and social studies and improvements were discussed, was completed with intense participation.

Release date: 15.03.2021