Functional Granola Project, developed in cooperation with Nişantaşı University and Sankara, is started to be produced

Nişantaşı University Vocational School Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Head Dr. Aynur Müdüroğlu has developed four functional granola with the cooperation of industry and university under the project title "Development and Production of Functional Granola Enriched with Antioxidants and Vitamins". Project products, which took about 9 months, are started to be produced on March 19, 2021.

Dr. Aynur Müdüroğlu explained the purpose of the project, which is supported by Nişantaşı University Scientific Research Projects Unit and Sankara Brain and Biotechnology Research Center; “The intensity of the city and business life has led people to consume healthier snacks rather than large portions. The aim of the project is to develop innovative products aimed at a healthier diet. These products are known as Functional Foods and describe foods that provide health benefits. Granola is a balanced product that contains healthy foods such as oats, honey and nuts. It has not yet been enriched and functionalized with different vitamins and herbal ingredients. We wanted to contribute to the healthy snacks market by producing granola that aims to strengthen memory, aim to make our immune system healthier, or produce multivitamin-reinforced granola.”

Müdüroğlu said that each product produced has different ingredients, including strong antioxidants, olive leaf extract, curcumin substance, antisionine, vitamin C and magnesium and that they prevent diseases such as neurological diseases, skin diseases, cancer, ulcers, intestinal diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, and osteoporosis.

Stating that the products she produces are different from other products in the market, Aynur Müdüroğlu said “Until now, there is no sale of any granola with rosemary and olive leaf extract added. Although some products similar to our other products are available in the market, the content and quantity that make the products functional and the technical features such as the cooking temperature of the products are quite different.” and she shared the news that they are continuing to work on developing new products.


Release date: 26.03.2021