Nişantaşı University YKS Pilot Exams are Starting


Exam Application and Examination Hall Information

After submitting an application for the exam, each candidate will be informed via SMS by Nişantaşı University. For this reason, you need to write your mobile phone number correctly. Candidates without exam entrance information sent via SMS will not be accepted to the exam. Exam days, hours and details are stated in the application form.

Rules to be Followed in the Exam

After the question booklets are distributed, the candidates will not be taken in for the exam. Candidates will not be taken out of the examination room within the first 90 minutes of the exam and in the last 15 minutes, even if they have completed answering early. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to leave the exam room for the candidates during the exam to meet their needs like going to the toilet etc. A candidate who comes out of the examination room for any reason whatsoever will not be taken back to the examination room.

During the exam,  is against the rules for the candidates to talk to each other, to cheat or to help each other cheat, ask the staff questions, give each other pencils and erasers, smoke cigarette, pipe, cigar and so on in the exam room, use dictionaries and tools function as a dictionary, to eat or drink  something in a  disturbing way others, to disrupt the order of the test. Each candidate will bring their own tools such as pencils, erasers and pencils.

Announcement of Exam Results

Exam results will be announced on the official website of Nişantaşı University.

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Release date: 19.12.2018